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Preselection: International Category -TV Festival Press Vitez/Press Knight 2022 (Work in Progress)

Poslednji put ažurirano 19/04/2022

Preselection: International Category -TV Festival Press Vitez/Press Knight 2022 (Work in Progress)

  1. ComVida-20, submitter Ana Cavazzana in Documentary, Italy, runtime: 2:45*
  2. Pacing the Pool, director Radheya Jegatheva in Documentary, Australia, runtime: 8,29*
  3. Antarctica, director Jivko Konstantinov in Documentary, Bulgaria, runtime: 9:54*
  4. My Heart, director Yaser Talebi in Documentary,  Iran, runtime: 2:00*
  5. A City Without Sky, director Zain  Issa in Documentary, Syrian Arab Republic, runtime: 5:38
  6. I Lied, director Gabi Wondra in Documentary, Germany, runtime: 9:56*
  7. Farmer, director Fortuné Mutima Baeni in Documentary, Democratic Republic of the Congo, runtime: 5:00
  8. Dharavi to Bollywood, director Harsh Matondkar in Documentary, India, runtime: 4:59
  9. Dûr(Far), director Ahmet Hakan Vergi, in Documentary, Turkey, runtime: 6:36*
  10. Dancing With Rainbow, director Hassan Mokhtari in Documentary, Iran, runtime: 6:00
  11. Cafe Alrawda, director Muhammad Shammiah  in Documentary, Syrian Arab Republic, runtime: 5:16*
  12. The Maxiurana, director Marcela Aguliar in Documentary, Colombia, runtime: 8:00
  13. Person and Space / Home, director Zuhal Kaya in Documentary, Turkey, runtime: 1:44
  14. Inside, director Julia Voytyuk in Documentary, Russian Federation, runtime: 5:05
  15. Be Bold & Win the Dream, director Novera Hasan Nikkon in Documentary, Bangladesh, runtime: 5:46
  16. Lockdown Tale, directors Cameron Carr, Marie Trudolubova in Documentary, United Kingdom, runtime: 6:07
  17. Watchmaker, director Enes Alitunaş, in Documentary, Turkey, runtime: 9:15
  18. The Room of Stones, director Nargiza Mamatkulova in Documentary, Kyrgyzstan, runtime: 10:00
  19. Affinity, director Ammar Yaser Khamis in Documentary, Bahrain, runtime: 9:57
  20. Spirit of Water, director Fernando Silva De la Cruz in Documentary, Chile, runtime: 3:00
  21. Maria, director Guilherme Carravetta de Carli in Documentary, Brazil, runtime: 8:30
  22. Snoring, director Sara Abedi in Documentary, Iran, runtime: 7:21
The main organiser of TV Festival Press vitez/ Press Knight is Udruženje novinara Vojvodine (UNV), Zrenjanin, Srbija/ Association of Journalists of Vojvodina (AJV), Zrenjanin, Serbia, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia; the Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information and Relations with Religious Communities, Novi Sad  and the City of Zrenjanin.

Notice: The first round of selection is totally free, but the second round of official selection is 25 euros per piece for international participants.

Updated: 18/04/2022